Ayethi General Incorporated lost Elections in Ayethi; Twice. Believed to be corrupt.

Ayethi General Incorporated lost Elections in Ayethi; believed to be corrupt by Ayethi people. The elections in Ayethi between the EIC and Ayethi General Incorporated ran as expected. The promise by EIC to take responsibility for business and run off the corrupt business people of Ayethi General, was taken up by most voters to get their revenge on their own corporation. However, as the station of Brislingholm was believed to be changing hands, the EIC just got a contract for the outpost Pacheco City from Ayethi General servants. The head of Central Intelligence, Commander Swift Arrow, gave a press conference in which he stated: “The EIC will not stand for this. We will sue Ayethi General of Brislingholm and demand a new round of elections. We will get Brislingholm the right way, or the wrong.” On questions of our reporter what the “wrong way” would entail, the commander only smiled.

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  1. on October 14, 2017 at 5:22 am

    It was the Russians.

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