Is EIC involved in demise of Djandji Solutions?

At a recent quarterly investor briefing a member of the local media inquired about EIC’s activities in the Ovimbiabas system. *

“Can you elaborate on the East India Company’s involvement in the Ovimbiabas system, and it’s spike in conflict?”

Commander Qi, Tactical Officer for the EIC responded. “I can assure our investors that the EIC has been in contact with Djandji Solutions with regards to trade route agreements, and negotiating our safe travel within their territory for the past several weeks. Sadly when we began discussions around market share, ownership of stations and controlling interest in the system Djandji Solutions ceased communications. We deplore the destruction of over 300 of their ships in the last two days, and remind Djandji that we are willing to discuss how EIC can help stabilize the region for the benefit of all.”

(by DrunkGlitchin)

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  1. Mack Winston Mack Winston on November 2, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    Gunboat diplomacy at its finest!

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