Welcome To EIC!

We can't wait to meet you!

Follow the steps below to get the most out of your membership!

Join Discord!

This is the first thing you should do!

Discord is a free voice and text communications app that is available on Android, Mac, and PC. You can also access it through your favorite web browser. Our community lives on Discord!

Once you have a Discord Username be sure to add it to your User Profile to fully integrate your EIC account.


Join our Inara Squadron !

Inara.cz is the primary data source for many Elite Dangerous identification systems and will help our allies identify you!

Join our in-game Squadron !

In game open the Systems Panel and navigate to your Home screen then select the Squadron Button
Browse Squadrons then Search for EICO, send us a message you just became a Recruit and Apply

The EIC Journal Tracker!

Jtracker is our proprietary Elite: Dangerous companion application written by a CMDR.

The application runs in the background, minimised to the Taskbar and reads the E:D journal file to send our Guild Server information on the systems in our bubble and approx 40 LY outside that and log all your contributions to our BGS.

It gives you detailed in-game information about our systems, where to source items for missions, an iff (friend or foe) overlay and our in-group leaderboards!

Once you join us one of our CMDRs will provide the download link!


Visit the Trading Post!

The Company has been trading rare goods and minerals required for Elite Dangerous engineering unlocks since January 2017.

Our highly ambitious trading crew has sold over 50,000 tons of goods! The Trading Post provides numerous ways to interact in game with Commanders inside and outside the Company!


Check out our Empire and Current Objectives!

An Empire Within an Empire!

The Company's ever-growing influence bubble requires constant attention.

Luckily we have some of the finest Background Simulation talent in the galaxy!

You can find general information out the bubble and our operations here on the website, but for daily orders and progress updates be sure to watch the #eic-objectives channel on Discord!

empire map poster labeled

Get Cool Swag!

We have a raffle for our members every month, with prizes ranging from in game extras like ship kits to EIC merch such as t-shirts and mugs.

You can earn tickets by appearing on the EIC daily heroes board in any category, helping out in the EIC Sales Department, winning the weekly screenshot upvote competition, or uploading footage for EIC studios.

We’ll announce different events and ways to earn tickets each month!

15 oz EIC mug png

Become a CMDR!

Once uou've been admitted to EIC as a recruit stick around, chat with us, and participate in our events and ongoing BGS activities to earn your CMDR tags!

Fleet Commanders will regularly review your activity and eventually announce your promotion to CMDR!

In EIC, the best memories are created together!