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Need rare goods to unlock an engineer?

Tons Traded


"Excellent service, used them for both my Modular Terminals and Lavian Brandy. Professional service with a smile. Saves me the grind, worth every penny."

~CMDR Minty

"EIC helped me shave significant time in my engineering unlocking spree by providing 50 tons of Brandy. (I'm not sure how Didi can still walk, let alone engineer ship modules at this point). On point, fast and courteous service. A great asset to the Elite community!"

~CMDR Valenrose

"Service was fast and easy, it went very smoothly. Thanks to CMDR Icarus Smith I now have the cargo I needed."

~CMDR Saturn

"Service was fast, friendly, and they worked with me when some stuff came up and delayed my ability to get the order from them. 10/10 would not have to mine again."

~CMDR Relick

"Piece a cake and trustworthy. Hell, when an elite FDL showed up we just evaporated him."

~CMDR Ferrus Cor

"Convenient as all get out. Way easier, and WAY more fun, than collecting modular terminals the old fashioned way!"

~CMDR Jennet Sen

"Always a fantastic service, fast, safe, reliable and with the most friendly staff you can imagine. Definitely a pleasure to do business! 10/10"

~CMDR Luna

"Great service, easy transaction and friendly staff, would use again for sure! 10/10"

~CMDR Uberfish

"Solid, safe and secure transaction. 10/10 will be buying from again the the future. Friendly and helpful staff as well."

~CMDR Devastatin_Dave

"Had to wait a bit but got my order toot sweet nontheless saved me a few days of grinding!"

~CMDR Jasmer

"Outstanding service. Trader went above and beyond on a special order. Completely reliable, and highly professional order was fulfilled earlier than expected. Completely recommend their services"

~CMDR Grimbley

"My limpits broke, my trader took hull damage, we had broken instances and a random pirate anaconda attacked me when my conda wasn't combat fitted.


All I can say is thank you and great work. I'll be sure to do business again!"


"As always, the EIC proves that just because something isn't in the game, doesn't mean you can't do it. providing a professional trading service for those CMDRs that will go mad if they see another space rock, teabag, or lack of modular terminals. Thanks very much CMDRs, from one lonely CMDR in the void to another."

~CMDR Azura

"Barely regret anything in my life; haven't known EIC is one of the few things I regret. Trade was done quickly, conveniently, and professionally. 11/10 would recommend to friends."

~CMDR Flight Assist

"Very impressed with EIC! It was my first time joining a wing in the game, they were awesome enough to guide me through the process. Don't try to mess with them tho, I was lucky enough to witness them take down a stray pirate that dropped in on our trade. I'm looking forward to doing business with them again!"


"The EIC are right up there with the Fuel Rats when it comes to the community. I decided to purchase Cigars, Tea and Xihe Companions because frankly i'd already done the Brandy grind and like hell I was doing that again.  The traders were incredibly helpful and we spent the time making conversation as we transferred the goods. Overall an incredibly efficient and pleasant experience!"

~CMDR MarshallMelon

"I finally jumped into Engineering and EIC helped me speed up my progress significantly! Trading was fast, friendly and safe! I would totally use this service again and recommend it highly to all!"

~CMDR Ha5h

"I was skeptical at first when I was recommended, but all my worries were dashed by their sheer professionalism and quality of service. And on top of that, their prices are quite reasonable! I will definitely be back to do business with them again sometime. 10/10!"

~CMDR Lazarus Rex

"The East India Company provides one of the greatest services in game. I would recommend their services to any and all. Good Show Lads!"

~CMDR Darth Tasty

"Fast, friendly service. Just like Domino's."

~CMDR Grackü

"Got tired after 12 hours of mining and I was contemplating the option to turn to piracy. Luckily, I found out about the EIC. I posted an order, they forwarded me an order confirmation. They told me it would take between 24 to 48 hours. 10 hours later. They were ready and so was I! It was done really quickly and their security team overwatched in beautiful Gutamaya Imperial Cutters. A few imperial slaves, and ten minutes. Thanks guys! o7"

~CMDR GaulinV

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you guys. Less than one week till Distant worlds 2 and I'm able to get some last minute engineering done thanks to the guys at EIC o7"

~CMDR Toyotale

"EIC is simply the bestest. Saved me hours of work. Much needed after grinding mats for engineers. You also get to meet great people! Thanks bunches."

~CMDR Kryssis

"The trader was very accommodating, and was communicating in a clear and concise matter before and throughout the trading process. The trade went very smoothly. Very satisfied customer; thanks for you guys' work!"

~CMDR Flyonward

"Wow just wow. You guys have restored my faith with elite dangerous players. I spend a bit of my time fighting griefers. They ruin people's days constantly. But you guys, you guys are the exact opposite. The professionalism, the politeness, the kindness. How smooth the transaction is amazing. None of this was really part of the plan of elite dangerous. But you guys make it seem like it was. You managed to really make my day. Very easy process and a real time saver and makes getting engineers a hell lot easier. o7"

~CMDR SwiftProgrammer

"We were not sure EIC could accommodate our tall order (Bromellite for a whole wing), but not only they did, but in a very short time. They are very professional and know what they are doing. I can't recommend their services enough. If you need commodities, you need to talk to EIC."

~CMDR Tango Indigo

"Extremely efficient! CMDRs are nice and the whole process is totally well operated. Also gave lots of help when it comes to basic game operating knowledge! Thank you to all the CMDRs once again and fly safe! o7"

~CMDR ClydeSHenry

"Really wish I would´ve heard about you Guys earlier (Bill Turner was the very last Engineer for me). So much frustration I could´ve avoided. 10 / 10 Trading Company. Definetly would use their services again if needed. o7"


"The most reliable business partner on the other side of the Federation. Always worth the trip from Alliance space!"

~CMDR Ulon

"Anything that allows engaging with other commanders to supplement the grind is well received. Timely, efficient, and extremely informative. Certainly will be a repeat customer and send friends alike."

~CMDR Vox Noctis

"Professional, speedy and pleasant to do business with. I will likely be a returning client. Shoutout to the escorts for dealing with the pirates efficiently."

~CMDR Napalm Goat

"Cargo delivered in timely and professional manner. Surprisingly at swap venue I was welcomed with some cool fireworks which I consider a nice freebie. Also bromellite is high quality, I wouldn't have refined it better myself."

~CMDR Bartaz

"Extremely quick, professional, and secure trading. Couldn't ask for a better or easier process. Absolute 10/10, 5 Star experience."

~CMDR Hana no Yuki

"Extremely impressed guys, really fantastic role play and super professional. Highly recommended!"

~CMDR Exigeous

"Traded with Icarus Smith, Cigars, Brandy, and Ale. Telling all my friends. Learned how to kill limpets. 25/20. Recommending to everyone including you."

~CMDR Bwana

Rare Goods For Sale

How to Trade

  1. Go to the Trading Post Discord by clicking the link below.

  2. Read the #read-me-first & #read-me-buying channel instructions.

  3. Log an order in the required format, for time zone it's the time in-game you are online.

  4. One of our traders will log your order and send you an Order Confirmation URL with information about the trade.

  5. Wait to be pinged on Discord, don't leave the server or we cannot contact you !

  6. Most trades will be well within 24-48 hours, but please remember this is a service run by volunteers.

Store Credit for Suppliers

The Trading Post is always looking for supplies of all items, particularly Bromellite. If you have any of these you can deposit them with us in exchange for store credit for yourself or your group. You or others from your group can then use these credits later to trade for other commodities as you need them!

Please check with us before sourcing items to make sure we need it ! 

If you wish to deposit goods for credit just visit the #trading-floor channel and log the SUPPLY

One of our Traders will respond to arrange collection and open an account for you, or add credits to an existing account!

Trading Time Slots

UTC 0000 - 0400

UTC 0400 - 0800

UTC 0800 - 1200

UTC 1200 - 1600

UTC 1600 - 2000

UTC 2000 - 0000

{Your in-game Clock top right will display this time zone}