East India Company Gaming

World of Warships

What is EIC?

The East India Company group was started early 2015 in another game of ships, Elite: Dangerous. Since then we have sprung into many games with our friends.

World of Warships EIC-NA Branch was founded officially on Sept 8th, 2017. Previous to this several of us played Warships together for many years. But thanks to Wargamings Clan update, we could make it official. Due to all the significance the EIC has given to history, we felt our name would fit perfectly with World of Warships. Defend the high seas with EIC!  

  • EIC WoWS NA is a mostly casual clan.  While we generally try to improve our skills and take part in competitive and other group events, participation is not mandatory.  
  • EIC uses Discord as a platform for communication.  Joining the EIC Discord is mandatory for all Clan members (for voice comms, text comms, staying informed about clan events etc.).  
  • Membership in the EIC WoWS NA clan is at the discretion of clan leadership, but general guidelines are
    • You have to be an EIC Discord member
    • You have to be active in WoWS NA within the last 60 days; after 60 days, a member will be dismissed from the clan, but may rejoin anytime (we understand there is real life to live and other games to play!)


Why should you join EIC-NA clan in World of Warships?

  •         We are a mature group of gamers (18+). You must be a tolerant, well rounded individual.
  •         We own a discord channel, used for voice and interaction outside the game(s).
  •         Currently have 20+ members and growing.
  •         Coverage of many time zones to hook up with someone to play.
  •         Many veteran WoWs players to ask questions and assistance for ship builds reference
  •         Several Clan perks unlocked (XP% Increase, Ship Cost Discounts, %Repair Discount, ect)
  •         We are firmly grounded in a core set of principles that give us a framework for all of us to enjoy our gaming time. Please read our full policies here

The East India Company (British), abbreviated history.

The company itself has a large footprint in real world historical events. The EIC was a private organization started in the 1600s with its shares owned by wealthy merchants and aristocrats.  It rose to account for half of the world's trade, particularly in basic commodities including cotton, silk, indigo dye, salt, saltpeter, tea, and opium. The company also ruled the beginnings of the British Empire in India. By the early 1800s, The EIC had a private army of about 260,000, twice the size of the British. The navy was named “Honourable East India Company's Marine” and was tasked with protecting merchant shipping, with the occasional ‘legal piracy’ under letters of marque. This is basically a government license that authorized a person, known as a privateer, to attack and capture enemy vessels. A secondary value of this fleet was to map the coastlines of India, Persia and Arabia.  On a side note, the Dutch EIC (VOC) was estimated to be worth even more at the peak of its influence, 7.9 Trillion USD (calculated with inflation).To put this into perspective, the only company to come close to this is Exon Mobile (XOM) at 500 Billion USD net worth. The United States GDP for 2017 was 18.5 Trillion USD. In layman’s terms, the EIC was the mover and shaker of the 18th century.