East India Company Gaming

World of Warships

What is EIC?

The East India Company is a multi-gaming community of like-minded individuals that gather for the fun of gaming together.  The group was born in early 2015 in the game Elite:Dangerous and maintains a large presence there.  We also have members playing World of Warships, Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, PUBG and many others.

With the introduction of organized clans and the upcoming first season of clan battles in World of Warships our resident ship captains decided it was time to grow our footprint in Wargaming's outstanding naval combat offering.

What makes us different?

The EIC is firmly grounded in a core set of principles that give us a framework for all of us to enjoy our gaming time.

Please read our full policies here.

In short:

  • We believe in an inclusive and tolerant environment in which all our members can enjoy their gaming time.  As such we have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech or harassment of any kind.

  • Our membership skews a bit more mature than many groups.  We all have our share of real-life responsibilities, and as a group we understand balancing RL with your gaming time.  We do not have required or standing raid times and participation in all group events is optional.

  • That said when we are working together in-game we expect your best efforts.  Every member's time is valuable - respect each other's time

  • Cheating, exploiting or spying of any kind is expressly prohibited.  Gaming is fun - breaking the rules isn't.

  • Real life comes first

  • No Drama