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Luhman 16 Accords Signed

By Icarus Smith | May 24, 2024 |

Luhman 16 Accords ratified by EIC and SDC

The East India Company (EIC) and Sol Defense Coordinated (SDC) are pleased to announce the ratification of the Luhman 16 Accords. The Accords established a de-facto 25 light year Federation border around Sol, along with a mandate for the EIC to withdraw from certain systems.

The accords come in the wake of the Company’s “Project Icarus”, a project to extend Company influence as close as possible to Sol, in order to profit off Federation trade by establishing a small but persistent Imperial presence in the region. The result of these efforts was a Company presence in Luhman 16, just six light years from Sol, for a period of six months. In addition, a presence was established in several other nearby systems. Luhman 16 lies some 76 light years from Kappa Fornacis, the company’s headquarters.

The next step of Project Icarus was to take possession of Luhman 16, which at the time was unclaimed by factions aligned with the Pilots’ Federation. This was undertaken with a number of allies of the Company. It was ultimately prevented by swift and decisive action taken by Sol Defense Coordinated.

In the wake of this disagreement, the Company has now undertaken to uphold a number of conditions, set forth in the Luhman 16 Accords. To summarize, the Company has agreed to the following terms:

The Company will withdraw from Luhman 16, LHS 449, Carnoeck and Blatrimpe.
The Company will respect a de-facto Federation border extending 25 light years from Sol, with the exception of the Company presence in Luyten 205-128, Lawd 26 and Toofla.
The Company will maintain a line of communication with Sol Defense Coordinated in order to advise the SDC of any Company expansions that may affect the established border.
A temporary ban on the slave trade for a total of thirty days following the signature of the Accords.

Project Icarus has been terminated, and the Company looks forward to a long and harmonious relationship with Sol Defense Coordinated in the future.


The SDC is comprised of the following organizations:

Ice Storm Squadron (ISSC)
The Order of Dripinificence (MUDD)
75th Colonial Fleet (BSGW)
Federal Fleet Marine Force (FFMF)
Earth Defense Fleet (EDF1)
Circle of Extraordinary Pilots (COEP)

So You Want To Be A Xenophobe?

By Kharakian | May 9, 2018 |

So You Want To Be A Xenophobe?

Hello there brave CMDR! I see you are interested in helping eliminate the ALIEN MENACE currently plaguing human space! Well I am here to help. First, let’s start on what you need to begin purging the filthy Xenos!

What Ship to Fly: Any combat ship with a decent number of medium hardpoints or larger will do for combating the basic ship the X-Rays use, the Marauder Scout. Suggestions: Federal Dropship, Imperial Courier, Python, Federal Gunship, Federal Assault Ship, Imperial Clipper or the Alliance Chieftain. Anything bigger will also work!

Ships not to take: Sidewinder, Eagle, Adder. They don’t mount enough hard points for AX weapons to be easy to use. Plus they will die fairly quickly to the shield piercing attacks aliens use!

Ship loadout: You need both strong shields and a strong hull! The ALIEN MENACE doesn’t care about your resistances or that you have a very strong shield! Their attacks will damage both, so get a military grade hull and a strong shield generator. For internals, you will probably want one SCB (Shield Cell Bank) to recharge your shields and a few HRP (Hull Reinforcement Package) to give your hull extra strength. If you do get a big SCB, make sure to mount a Heatsink Launcher in one of your utility mounts to deal with overheating.

Corrosion note: Due to the filthy Xenos using chemical weapons against us, you will want to install a Decontamination Limpet Controller along with a Cargo rack to stock limpets. To use it, make sure you aren’t targeting anything and fire it! The limpet will attach to your ship and begin repairing you as well as removing the filthy Xeno goo eating your hull. Don’t forget to buy limpets before you undock!

Corrosion alternative: If you don’t have a Decontamination Limpet Controller installed, do not despair! You can alternatively just make your ship VERY hot and that will melt the filthy Xeno goo off your ship. But be warned, this is very likely to also melt a good chunk of your ship at the same time as you must get over 220% heat for this to work.

Weapons loadout: The very best weapons are the experimental GUARDIAN weapons. The Gauss, Plasma and Shard all being extremely effective against the ALIEN MENACE.

Weapon loadout alternatives: If you haven’t been out into deep space and spent hours repeating a menial task again and again and again and again… cough then you will want to get AX weapons! Brought to you by our friends at AEGIS who are dedicated to fighting the ALIEN MENACE. My personal recommendation is turreted AX Multicannons. Scouts are no match for human engineering! Keep the guns firing even if the pesky X-Ray gets out of your view.

Now that you have your basic ship setup, it’s time to go out there and kill some of those filthy aliens!

Example Ship Builds: (Note, all these builds are setup to work without engineering. Engineering will make them better, but their main firepower is the AX weapons which can’t be engineered.)

More Dakka Federal Gunship Cost: 155 million and Federal Rank

More Dakka Alliance Chieftain Cost: 102 million

Bobby’s First Scout Killer Courier Cost: 15 million and Imperial Rank


Note: If you are comfortable targeting fixed weapons, they do more damage. But the scouts are very small and nimble targets. Also, a fighter bay with an AX Taipan piloted by a decent NPC is a very good source of additional damage. I highly recommend it.


There are plenty of other builds, but the two main things to focus on are Shield Strength and Hull Strength. If you are just fighting Scouts, you can get away with less. But if you want to go after the big boys, you will want more. You can start building a ship to work towards your first solo Cyclops Interceptor kill that will mop the floor with scouts.

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