The East India Company has expanded into Star Citizen, and the Stanton system.

While we understand that the game is still in Alpha and not a released product, we currently have a group of active members playing the game, if you're looking for some fellow citizens to play with, give us an application. We will be ready for the game's eventual release, whenever that may be.

A revival of the East India Company of old, founded in the year 2945, we are a Mercantile Trading Company that has expanded into the Stanton system in pursuit of profit from the resources and commodities that can be found within the system.
Our interests are aligned with that of the United Earth Empire. Furthermore, we ensure that our own interests are protected and enforced through our private military, and that members of the corporation are supported in their pursuit of profit.
The East India Company welcomes citizens from all professions under our employ, traders, combat fighters, explorers, miners, etc. we have a place and need for everyone.

As a community, we are a progressive community that promotes tolerance, and inclusion. Bigotry or bias of any sort will not be tolerated.