East India Gaming Company


Bringing the Empire to your doorstep.

Welcome to EIC!

A revival of the East India Company of old, we are an Imperially-aligned Mercantile Trading Company that seek to expand Imperial influence through the manipulation of local governments to benefit the expansion of our own faction, a strong private military and the collaboration of like-minded morally flexible pilots.

We have many different pilots under our employ... traders and combat pilots, explorers and miners. We even have a thriving player trade market where we offer other players materials needed to unlock various engineers at a fair price. There's a job for all kinds of pilots with us.

As a community, we are a progressive community that promotes tolerance and inclusion. Bigotry or bias of any sort will not be tolerated.

Elite: Dangerous was the birthplace of this community and is our main focus. In addition we have expanded into other games and will continue to do so in the future.

News And Announcements

EIC Acquires Federal Capital Ship Dry-Dock

By Icarus Smith | November 18, 2018 |

After months of preparation and several focused economic and military operations, the East India Company has appropriated a Federal Capital ship dry-dock. Located just outside Still Hangar in Neits system, this former Pride of the Federal Navy sits silent in the dry-dock, awaiting determination by CEO Jahena Yar Savor on how best to utilize the new asset. “The East India Company is proud to add this essential military asset to the Empire’s forces. In these times of uncertainty, our Navy is more equipped to handle outside threats than ever before,” the CEO said in an address broadcast from her office in Kappa Fornacis, sent to comm-links across all twenty-eight EIC occupied and controlled systems. She continues, “As our growing corps of intrepid Pilot’s Federation Commanders continue to aid our fearless security forces, I want to assure all Imperial citizens and honored guests under our umbrella of protection, your homes and vital shipping lanes are secure.” This news comes as the Company is boasting a record number of sales in the EIC Trading Post. Despite expanding…

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