EIC and Lave Radio “Danksgiving” expedition success

Joint EIC/LRN operation to ship onionhead, Lavian Brandy and others to Colonia a success.

The Danksgiving Expedition was a joint expedition to Colonia to bring the hard working citizens of humanity’s further outpost some much needed cheer. The expedition launched on 20th November 3304, broadcast live on Lave Radio with a loading party of all the best intoxicants from the bubble: chiefly Onionhead and Lavian Brandy, but other rares too – and a consignment of Hutton Mugs.

The mission was partly one of discovery, with a new route to Colonia explored by the convoy, some 1000 LY above the galactic plane. Once the expedition reached the Inner Scutum Centaurus arm, a vast number of neutron stars were encountered with sufficient density to keep even the most heavily laden Imperial Cutter in frequent long neutron boosted jumps proving the route’s viability as a long-range trade route. The route discovered is therefore a faster trade route than the traditional Colonia Connection Highway, and avoids the inconveniences of scans from system security.

The journey was not without incident: a couple of frieghters were lost to piracy on the first day, but fortunately could be replaced. There was also an unfortunate incident with a neutron star jet cone that cost the lives of 192 Imperial Slaves, and one of the fleet mechanics fell victim to excessive lithobraking at waypoint 1.

A total of 32 commanders made the journey, with a combination of frieght whales, exploration ships and fleet mechanic ships in the convoy. Hundreds of tonnes of onionhead and Lavian Brandy were delivered to Jaques Station, as well as a couple of dozen tonnes of Hutton Mugs (to replace some of the breakages at Jaques Bar), around 30 tonnes of Lucan Onionhead, a dozen of the onionhead alpha and beta strains, lyrae weed, Aganippe Rush, Tarach Spice and Centauri Mega Gin.

A full article will be appearing in a forthcoming issue of the Sagittarius Eye magazine, likely the Feburary edition.

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