Memo from the CEO

From the office of the CEO, East India Company:


I am as honored to accept the board’s recommendation as I am saddened to be succeeding my missing mentor and long-time friend Jahena Yar Savor. When I started at this Company, with the weight of being a long-distant descendant of our great Company’s original co-founder, John Watts, there was no way I could have possibly filled the expectations I had for myself but with Jahena’s leadership and tutelage I found my place here and learned from her as she navigated our Company through rough waters and expanded our claim of Imperial space and our commanding share of the Galactic marketplace. We are all saddened to learn of her recent disappearance. Official details are scarce and speculation is rampant, so I want to put rest to the notion that Jahena was anything less than a loyal steward of our great cause. What little information we were able to recover following her last diplomatic voyage to local Thargoid attack sites, it seems likely that her convoy was attacked by non-human assailants. Although still much is unknown about our new alien neighbors, there have been reports of human beings being abducted as prisoners or worse, and to date, no one who has been taken has been seen or heard from again. In the absence of identified remains, we remain hopeful that Jahena is out there alive somewhere and we will continue to search for her and aggressively continue our local Anti-Xeno operations.


I want to assure all members, guests, and citizens of EIC space, that the state of our Company is strong and I plan on continuing the same strong spirit of progress and growth that Jahena so laboriously pioneered. We invite all Pilot’s Federation members from our local galactic community to come and chat with us about any and all Galactic concerns (please visit our discord to get in touch with us: Today I officially take the reins of our daily operations. You may have noticed some changes in our command structure and communication channels over the past couple of weeks, this was done to prepare for today as we open our doors to the community at large for a more open and engaging experience for all. We hope you’ll all take the opportunity to converse with our new “EIC-Community” members in the appropriately designated public comms channels. This will be the space to engage with and find more recruits, and a place for our friends and allies across the bubble to get a chance to see more of who we are and what we have to offer. For all EICo squadron Recruits and CMDRs; please remember to maintain operational security discipline and only discuss sensitive information in appropriate non-public channels. If you have questions on what qualifies as Classified Information, or any other questions about our new structure, please direct your questions to any available EICo Wing or Fleet Commander.


Many thanks,

George Watts


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