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Memo from the CEO

From the office of the CEO, East India Company:   I am as honored to accept the board’s recommendation as I am saddened to be succeeding my missing mentor and long-time friend Jahena Yar Savor. When I started at this Company, with the weight of being a long-distant descendant of our great Company’s original co-founder,…

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EIC and Lave Radio “Danksgiving” expedition success

Joint EIC/LRN operation to ship onionhead, Lavian Brandy and others to Colonia a success. The Danksgiving Expedition was a joint expedition to Colonia to bring the hard working citizens of humanity’s further outpost some much needed cheer. The expedition launched on 20th November 3304, broadcast live on Lave Radio with a loading party of all…

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EIC Acquires Federal Capital Ship Dry-Dock

After months of preparation and several focused economic and military operations, the East India Company has appropriated a Federal Capital ship dry-dock. Located just outside Still Hangar in Neits system, this former Pride of the Federal Navy sits silent in the dry-dock, awaiting determination by CEO Jahena Yar Savor on how best to utilize the…

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So You Want To Be A Xenophobe?

So You Want To Be A Xenophobe? Hello there brave CMDR! I see you are interested in helping eliminate the ALIEN MENACE currently plaguing human space! Well I am here to help. First, let’s start on what you need to begin purging the filthy Xenos! What Ship to Fly: Any combat ship with a decent…

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Is EIC involved in demise of Djandji Solutions?

At a recent quarterly investor briefing a member of the local media inquired about EIC’s activities in the Ovimbiabas system. * “Can you elaborate on the East India Company’s involvement in the Ovimbiabas system, and it’s spike in conflict?” Commander Qi, Tactical Officer for the EIC responded. “I can assure our investors that the EIC…

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East India Company aquires controlling share of megaship ‘The Midas’

East India Company aquires controlling share of megaship ‘The Midas.’ Harvestport, Kappa Fornacis, 07 September 3303 The East India Company, galactic leader in trade and logistics solutions, is thrilled to announce it’s aquisition of a controlling share of megaship ‘The Midas’. With it’s formidable cargo capacity and frameshift capability The Midas will further expand the…

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