East India Company aquires controlling share of megaship ‘The Midas’

East India Company aquires controlling share of megaship ‘The Midas.’

Harvestport, Kappa Fornacis, 07 September 3303

The East India Company, galactic leader in trade and logistics solutions, is thrilled to announce it’s aquisition of a controlling share of megaship ‘The Midas’. With it’s formidable cargo capacity and frameshift capability The Midas will further expand the range of services offered by EIC.

Commenting on the latest aquisition the Chief Executive Officer of EIC, Jahena Yar Savor said, “We are delighted to have the crew of The Midas join our team. As a faction in control of 23 star systems we are always on the lookout for better ways to serve the billions of Empire citizens under our supervision. When Zeus Bureau inexplicably came under attack following the completion of their community goal EIC was more than happy to step into the system to offer its hundreds of thousands of citizens much needed stability. In return for this, and an extremely generous investement of resources, EIC was granted total control of the megaship. We hope this becomes a lucrative and fullfilling partnership!”

All Midas personnel will remain in their current roles and, for the time being, will continue to operate from their orbit around Zeus 1 in the Zeus system.

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